V6 Radio review – „Toxic world“ by Robert Watson


„Toxic world“ is somewhat a classic rock instrumental with slow intro that’s gradually going up and up all the way to a speedy solo on the guitar followed by the keyboards solo just before it all ends. You can hear some nice breaks and rhythm changes, although not very original, but still nicely packed in an old fashion hard rock style.

The biggest setback is the rhythm section, since drums are obviously not recorded live and therefore give an unnatural feeling to the music that’s mostly based on the drive of the musicians performing it, so we’d really like to hear this song played and recorded live. That would surely give the song a much wider perspective and moments that real people would bring in to it.

Mr. Watson is, as he says himself, a one man band, with good groove and feeling. You can hear that in all his songs (http://www.v6radio.com/131/robert-watson), whether they are hard rock, ballads, or funky-jazzy. He’s got our thumbs up and we’re looking forward to his studio album.

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  1. Robert Watson on said:

    I would like to add that my current release “Musical Visions, Vol. 2″ that has “Toxic World” on it is now available on i-Tunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Myspace. Thanks again to the V6 Radio team for publishing my review. I appreciate it.

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