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We bring you the review of “Finland’s answer to Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Nick Cave & Johnny Cash” – Hannu Lepisto.

“Hannu wrote songs about his journey from divorce to his addictions, to his knocks on heaven’s door and finding new love in his life. Then he decided to let go of the band. It was time to fulfill his biggest dream and go solo. So he started working in the studio with his ever-loyal companion Petteri Mård, recording acoustic based tracks and soundscapes. Later in 2009 he signed to a newly formed Helsinki based family label Homeward Records Oy. For the drums, percussion and bass Hannu wanted the best and got the best. The legendary Michael Blair (Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello…) came back on board, as well as Ulf Rockis Ivarsson (Thåström, Nicolai Dunger, Thea Gilmore…). They jumped on the wagon as rhythm section and producers for this new batch of personal and emotionally direct songs.”

You’ll hear some very nice, catchy tunes from Hannu. The songs will probably make you take a trip down the memory lane with smooth lines and Hannu’s deep voice. Ranging from acoustic ballads to pop-rock, all the songs have a unique atmosphere and a distinctive emotion in them.

All together, songs are played and produced at a very high level, which is not a surprise given the names of the guys that, beside Hannu, worked on them like Michael Blair, Ulf Rockis Ivarsson, Ollie Olson (Ice-T, Coolio, Robyn) and Howie Weinberg (Nirvana: Nevermind, RHCP: Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Jeff Buckley: Grace…).

You can listen to Hannu Lepisto here: http://www.v6radio.com/161/hannu-lepisto
and read more at http://www.hannuofficial.info

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