V6 Radio review – “Cross the line” by Mingmen


Back to some heavy riffin’, talking about the band „Mingmen“. We had the opportunity to listen to their EP „Cross the line“ published in June 2013.

The first thing you’ll hear in „Mingmen“ music is the heavy guitar atmosphere jumping at you from the start. Then comes a little surprise, pretty gentle female vocals come in the mix giving the songs a new dimension somewhat different from the instrumental background. Altogether a very interesting blend, listen for yourself to give it your personal judgment.

Riff makers in this band have the blues embedded in their veins but they play it on a very modern way, taking best from old and the new. You can also hear some very melodic choruses that give the vocals the space to come out.

Listen to „Mingmen“ here http://www.v6radio.com/231/mingmen
and read more at http://www.mingmenmusic.com

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V6 Radio team

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