July 2013 V6 Radio contest winners


V6 Radio contest winner for July 2013. are “Hannu Lepisto”. Congratulations! (view their profile now)

The prize is 3 months free Featured Artist status and one of our Premium partner’s prizes.

Also, winners are visible right away on our Home page for 3 months in “Previous winners” section.

Now, new turn begins. Tell your friends to vote for you.

How does monthly song contest work?

The default prize we give every month is 3 months free Featured Artist status. Winner can also choose one of the prizes offered by our Premium partners. Current standings are based on listeners votes. Listeners can vote by clicking on voting buttons while the song is playing. The list is updated in real time. On the first day of the month the list automatically resets all votes to zero and the artist whose song had the most votes wins. The winner will be displayed on our homepage for 3 months constantly. During that period the winning artist will be unable to enter the contest.

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