January 2013 pick for MIX The Month In Music magazine feature

Congratulations! The artist who will get featured in March 2013 edition of MIX The Month In Music magazine, picked by V6 Radio, is:

Twitch Angry

Twitch Angry

Composed of 3 members this alternative-indie rock band Love it, Hate it, Debate it, but know that Twitch Angry Made it!!!! The most ‘Tell it like it is!’ Punk/Metal Bands in the Sacramento/Davis area. Twitch Angry! Ranked #1Metal/Punk Artist for Sacramento Ca. and in the Top 60 Nationally on ReverbNation and holding these numbers for over a year. Starting his music project in 2009 he completed his first CD ‘Twitch Angry’ Jan. 2010 and released it’s final hard copy June 9, 2010. Uncle Sam, The Rag, Made from Dust, San Francisco, Murder, and F.Y.I.T.N are just some of the top songs that has everyone wanting more and patiently waiting for his next CD ‘Nothing Nice’. Twitch Angry says with his lyrics in his music what most are to afraid to say aloud and has a style that is so addicting, you will want nothing but Twitch Angry being heard at your Venue or party, in your car, on your computer, phone, i pod, and, well you get what I mean. You will just want nothing but more and with 50 new songs ready to record, more is what Twitch Angry is wanting you to have. Twitch Angry has played in several states including WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, TX, CO, KS, OK, AL, MS, FL, TN, MO, NV, and soon in OH, NY, NC and has played with Nation bands such as Total Chaos, Rehab, MDC, George Lynch, Damage Ink, Motograter, Fear, Agent Orange, DI, SMUT, Five Fingers of Death, Live Loud and Heavy, Steel Stone, Jimmy Jacked, Mentors, Global Disgust, Don’t Care, Bloodhook, No-Comply, Instant Asshole, The Flip-Offs, Sonic Prophecy, Population 0, Primer 55, Kill The Precedent, Fry Brothers, Rogue, Savannah Blue, Merle Jagger, Shades of Blue, and soon DRI with many more bands local and nonlocal unlisted. With performing over 200 shows in the first year and a half and now completing his first Coast to Coast Tour in 2012 Twitch Angry has proven he is ready to take on the Globe.

Band Members: Twitch Angry, G Spawn, Band Member Count: 5 Active Since: 2009-05-01 Genres: Metal / Punk Metal / Punk Rock


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In the meantime, read the latest MIX The Month in Music magazine edition.

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3 comments on “January 2013 pick for MIX The Month In Music magazine feature

  1. Melody MrsAngry Shults on said:

    Twitch Angry just had mouth sugery today and has been real sick the last few days and i wanted to Thank you for the huge honor you have givin Twitch Angry. News like this is the best medication for artists like Twitch. He has worked so hard and put all he has into his music and have it reconized like this makes all the hell so worth it. Thank you again. M. Angry

  2. Best wishes Twitch! Get better soon you RockinRollHoochieCoochieMuther!

  3. V6 Radio team on said:

    We’re happy to help. We hope everything is OK and Twitch Angry will be up and rockin’ in no time. All the best.

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