How to make your tracks acceptable for airplay?

Here’s a valuable insight of how most radio stations perceive your music when you upload it, and what you can do to make that impression better…

Obviously, the first thing being listened to is – production quality. Low volume? Rehearsal sounding track? The thing is, you might have phenomenal ideas embedded into your tracks, but they’re no good if no one can hear them. Ok, some people appreciate the music itself even if production is bad, but those are most probably musicians too and as such they are a small fraction of the audience. Radio guys must try and meet the quality requirements set by the general population, so you better try and make your tracks sound good, too. We’ll discuss how to do that (without selling your soul) in a separate post…

The second thing is – genre. Are you sure you’re in a right place? Will your music sound good after/before the music already on the radio? For example, V6 Radio is a rock/metal radio and if your music doesn’t at least have a higher level of energy then it might not fit?

Then comes the music itself. This is the area where listeners should have the most to say about. It involves the taste and personal preferences, so besides listening to some basic musical aspects everything else should be decided by the listeners. That’s why we rank everyone the same when they register but later we let listener’s votes have some control over the radio rotation.

You may be able to hear what we’re talking about here if you listen to some of the V6 Radio monthly contest winners, they won because they were chosen by the audience… Go to Hall of fame


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One comment on “How to make your tracks acceptable for airplay?

  1. Hazeland on said:

    I am gonna give you an excellent example. Godsmack back in the day released Moon Baby to radio. I worked in radio and didn’t even give the CD a listen because the cover art was HORRIBLE. It was some cross gender gothic punk dude tied to a chair on a bad set designed to be the moon. A year later they released the same album with the red/black killer artwork and pow….it started to get listened to. A good rule of thumb is find friends who will be brutally honest and people who are not associated with friends/fans to do the same. If most of the feedback is positive then you can go ahead and release….if most is negative then hold off. Remember, it is your craft…take pride in it on all aspects.

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