Get your single/EP/album reviewed by V6 Radio

Everyone with a Featured artist account can apply for a review of their music, any time.


Before you send a review request you must meet these prerequisites:

  • You must have an active Featured account
  • The songs you wish us to review must be uploaded to your V6 Radio account

Review request

To request a review:

  • Log into your V6 Radio account
  • Click on “Review” option
  • Select the songs you wish us to review (single, EP, album)
  • Enter additional info:
    Your (artist/band) name and bio
    Description of the single/EP/album
    Links to your images (optional)

And that’s it.

General rules

  • The review done by V6 Radio cannot be influenced. We will send you the preview of the review and if you don’t like it you can cancel it and it won’t get published, but you cannot influence the content of the review.
  • We do not guarantee any deadlines for doing the review, we will do them in the order of the requests sent.
  • Reviews are published on and shared on all V6 Radio social network profiles.
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4 comments on “Get your single/EP/album reviewed by V6 Radio

  1. The Bell on said:

    new single From E>P’
    ” Alone ”
    thank you V6 .

  2. Georgios on said:

    Done, we have send you a review request for the band PLEASE!


  3. Tony Vega on said:


    I’d like to get my bands music reviewed, how do i go about it?



    • V6 Radio team on said:

      Hi Tony,

      Just log into your V6 Radio account and go to “Review” tab. Then select the songs for review and enter any additional info (for example is it EP, album, or a single, when was it released etc.)


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