Everyone’s songs sound great, except my own… Are they all rich or what?

No, of course not. Do you need big bucks to make an exceptional track? Well, it would help, that’s for sure, but it’s not necessary by default.

Ok, so what do you need to make a good track? Here’s a common list:

  • Good idea… That usually means: be honest, be yourself, be original. No one said it’s easy…
  • Good musicians… Who are good musicians? Well, maybe the shortest definition is: people who love music, love to play music and know how to play music.
  • Reasonably good equipment… These days there are so many¬†inexpensive pieces of equipment that will give you great results, but don’t be fooled, some things cannot be emulated. It’s all up to hearing the result, not watching or reading a catalog.
  • A person that will mix your music according to what it should sound like, to emphasize the music and the feeling it should provide.
  • A mastering studio that will not spoil everything mentioned above.

That’s pretty much it. But this is a “weakest link” game, so if you lack a link in the chain don’t expect to get great results.

In this Internet era, try to keep an open mind and to find someone who will really do the best job with your tracks. If you have a good idea and you don’t have everything from the list, you can:

  • Hire a musician¬†online to record some tracks for you
  • Find a studio that could do the right job with mixing and/or mastering your tracks

That doesn’t guarantee the success, but it gives you much more options and it can also save you some money if you play it right.

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4 comments on “Everyone’s songs sound great, except my own… Are they all rich or what?

  1. BBGunz on said:

    when I first heard my stuff I was blown away until I heard it sandwiched between two other bands on an internet radio station. My heart sank!! It was so lame sounding and quiet. I asked my engineer and he said “yeah that track hasn’t been mastered yet”.
    So I gave him a hundred bucks and he Remixed and MASTERED it and now it’s totally ‘in yer face’
    Rock N Roll!

  2. Hazeland on said:

    We don’t release anything until it has been polished. I think the hardest thing is having something you are so proud of and having to contain your excitement to do things right. That is rough! You don’t want to play a demo for anyone including friends unless you have no intentions of doing a master. Hire a studio and an engineer….check around. You can go super high and you can go super low. Most of the time you get what you pay for. Take into account the more prepared and tight the band is the cheaper it will be. NEVER go into a studio on a budget if the live performance of it is weak. Then also you need to take into account recording you is half the battle. If you figure you can record the bands parts in 4 hours…double that for what will actually happen….then double that for the entire time it will take until the engineer has finished.

  3. I should add that the studio I go to is owned by a friend and it’s pretty uncommon to get that kind of quality for the amount I paid.

  4. Melody MrsAngry Shults on said:

    The best is always going to cost you a pretty penny. Twitch Angry spent @ $25,000 for the recording of his CD. He sold everything he owned even his baby, his Harley. You listen to it and you can tell the $25,000 was well spent and I would recommend The Mouse House (Rich Mouser) to anyone. The big problem is Artists will spend every cent they have for that killer recording but now have nothing left to market their killer new sound. Trust me it takes money to make money so spend it wisely and evenly to balance out everything needed to get your recording out and make it big.

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