December 2012 pick for MIX The Month In Music magazine feature

Congratulations! The artist who will get featured in February 2013 edition of MIX The Month In Music magazine, picked by V6 Radio, is:



Composed of 3 members this alternative-indie rock band creates melodic enchantments that combine with bluesy-grunge riffs. Their sound commits to rock and roll that spans from hard hitting punk rock beats to soulful and hearty acoustic rhythms. The intense feeling to bring music back to a time where emotion ruled sound and entrapped the listener to think about their own life is now prevalent. Connecting to others and sharing the harmonious vibrations of their songs is a living dream for Acustalapse. What is not forgotten is never lost and Acustalapse engages in their inspired tones from the times of classic rock, punk, and grunge while they express the essence in the painful and wonderful reality of everyday life. Songwriting, vocals, lyrics and rhythm plus lead guitar are the soulful, charismatic, original and humble forces that drive the engine of the band, Robert Andersen. Meanwhile, the fuel of Acustalapse is delivered by Adrianna Parnagian’s electrifying songwriting, lyrics and bass lines that divulge the deepest parts of her mind and enter us into another realm. Furthermore, propelling the band requires hard-hitting, melodious beats that contain unique timings which drummer Kristen Andersen delivers simultaneously. The band is authentically comprised of a connective familial bond that steers their musical teenage history into an adulthood of instrumental growth and exposition. Each self-taught member is an integral dynamic within the band and each is in love with the power of musical creation.

Robert Andersen, Adrianna Parnagian and Kristen Andersen are: ACUSTALAPSE
Rules and application

If you already applied you are automatically entering the next turn.

What do you need to apply?

  • You need to be a registered V6 Radio artist
  • You need to have a full profile on V6 Radio, which means you have uploaded your photo and entered your biography
  • You need to have at least 3 songs uploaded

Based on all this V6 Radio picks one of the artists/bands that applied.

How to apply?
Send an email to with your artist/band name in the subject.

In the meantime, read the latest MIX The Month in Music magazine edition.

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