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V6 Radio review – “Cross the line” by Mingmen


Back to some heavy riffin’, talking about the band „Mingmen“. We had the opportunity to listen to their EP „Cross the line“ published in June 2013. The first thing you’ll hear in „Mingmen“ music is the heavy guitar atmosphere jumping at you

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V6 Radio review – Hannu Lepisto


We bring you the review of “Finland’s answer to Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Nick Cave & Johnny Cash” – Hannu Lepisto. “Hannu wrote songs about his journey from divorce to his addictions, to his knocks on heaven’s door and finding

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V6 Radio review – „PLEASE”


We bring you the review of „PLEASE“, a rock band from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. They were formed in 2004, a high-energy band with a grungy, dirty, heavy cross between Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Elements of the late ’80s and

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V6 Radio review – „Toxic world“ by Robert Watson


„Toxic world“ is somewhat a classic rock instrumental with slow intro that’s gradually going up and up all the way to a speedy solo on the guitar followed by the keyboards solo just before it all ends. You can hear

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Get your single/EP/album reviewed by V6 Radio

Everyone with a Featured artist account can apply for a review of their music, any time. Prerequisites  Before you send a review request you must meet these prerequisites: You must have an active Featured account The songs you wish us

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