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What do V6 Radio partners have in store for you?

Our partners have that status because they give our Featured artists a discount for their services. To see the details at any moment about what our partners have to offer, go to Partnership page. DMS Studio offers 20% discount on mixing

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Get your single/EP/album reviewed by V6 Radio

Everyone with a Featured artist account can apply for a review of their music, any time. Prerequisites  Before you send a review request you must meet these prerequisites: You must have an active Featured account The songs you wish us

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Are indie and unsigned artists/bands (good) enough?

It may be the right time to share a thought with you all regarding the question in the title… As you probably already know we play only the songs of registered bands and artists, 100% of the airplay time, there’s

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Everyone’s songs sound great, except my own… Are they all rich or what?

No, of course not. Do you need big bucks to make an exceptional track? Well, it would help, that’s for sure, but it’s not necessary by default. Ok, so what do you need to make a good track? Here’s a

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How to make your tracks acceptable for airplay?

Here’s a valuable insight of how most radio stations perceive your music when you upload it, and what you can do to make that impression better… Obviously, the first thing being listened to is – production quality. Low volume? Rehearsal sounding track?

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