Are indie and unsigned artists/bands (good) enough?

It may be the right time to share a thought with you all regarding the question in the title… As you probably already know we play only the songs of registered bands and artists, 100% of the airplay time, there’s no “conventional” playlist.

If we ask ourselves today whether the decision to play only those songs without adding well known music into rotation was right, the answer is simple: YES. But we weren’t always sure of that. The bands and artists that registered and uploaded their singles, EPs and albums reassured us. The conclusion is that there are many talented people out there striving to make the music on their own. And many of them made it! Recorded it, that is. So, if you ever thought it’s not possible, think again, or just listen to V6 Radio bands for a while, then you’ll know it’s possible to make good songs that sound good, too, all on your own :)

On the other hand it’s not easy and we all know it. What was once the job of a whole industry rests on the shoulders of a few people. But that’s the music industry today, and if you have the drive to make music then do it, you’ll find a way. And if it’s honest and good, people will like it. Whether you’ll be a worldwide famous band or not, well… Who knows? But you certainly won’t know if you don’t try and if you only go around complaining how things were better years ago. It is how it is and work your way up in the present.

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One comment on “Are indie and unsigned artists/bands (good) enough?

  1. Lonnie RIchard from The Space Sharks on said:

    This blog post is so inspirational and true, especially the line “if it’s honest and good, people will like it.”

    Our band consists of a bunch of blue collar rockers. We recorded our CD ourselves in various basements in Maryland, Massachusetts and Maine. We did the cover art ourselves. We had the tracks professionally mastered once we were done, just to get the big bottom end and to control some of the higher frequency cymbal crashes, which made a big difference. It all goes to say, though, that you don’t need a big budget–just a desire to make honest music and have it heard! And with great outlets such as V6 radio, it’s now possible! Rock on! Lon from The Space Sharks

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